ALLGAIER CDry Secadero de contacto para suspensiones y soluciones

ALLGAIER CDry: Contact dryer for suspensions and solutions.

The New CDry is an indirectly heated contact dryer. With a significantly higher heat transfer surface and its compact design, the CDry offers a wide range of advantages over other contact dryers in the market.

Operating Principle.

The solids are dried by heat conduction from a steam-heated disc to the liquid product applied to the disc.

When a liquid is pumped from the product tank into the circulation tank, a suspension/solution is pumped to the individual feed pipes by means of a circulation pump.

Each feed pipe feeds the liquid product onto one side of the heated rotating discs, while the excess liquid runs back into the circulation tank.

The solvent contained in the liquid product (e.g. water) evaporates during one turn of the disc. The dried solid adhering to the heated disc is subsequently scraped off with knives.

The degree of drying of the product can be influenced by the speed of the discs. The resulting dry product is transported out of the dryer via the product discharge.

It is also possible to concentrate liquids without producing a dry product.

Robust Technology

A process chamber made of high-quality stainless steel that encloses the disk assembly area, ensures the efficient contact drying.

A set of windows made of laminated safety glass (LSG) installed in the hood facilitates the process monitoring and gives easy access to the process chamber for cleaning purposes.

A modern process control system with a large touch panel displays the operating status of the CDry. A control software operating at different levels for standard operation and operator intervention, or for repair and maintenance, allows for remote maintenance.

When called for maintenance and/or repair, large, hinged doors provide particularly good access to all the technical areas.

Fields of Application

The CDry is best suitable for suspensions and solutions, providing the best, high efficiency drying results, of the following materials:

• Beer yeast

• Brewery waste water

• Industrial waste water

• Ceramic

• Copper sulfate

• Ferrite

• Gelatin

• Graphite

• Indium hydroxide

• Mineral slurry

• Nickel-concentrates

• Pigment

• Polymer

• Resin

• Silica

• Tungsten slurry

• Water-soluble paint

• Zinc-, tin-concentrates

Among others.

* Products such as highly viscous liquids, fat, oil, strongly foaming liquids or liquids with coarse solid element, are not suitable for use in the CDry.

Top Advantages to Improve Your Process

The specially designed, and compact heat exchanging surface with disks, allows for a capacity increase of up to 60% at equal footprints compared to other contact dryers.

The CD Dry can be used for recovery of materials to re-use them in the production process, turning them into safe resources.

With a new safety concept all moving parts and hot surfaces are covered and the possible risk of accidents is minimized.

The simplified design makes the CDry easy to use. The intuitive handling and control by touch panel reduces the possibility of errors.

Advantages Highlights:

Less energy consumption.

Due to the efficient contact drying and thereby minimized heat losses with the exhaust air, up to 50 % less thermal energy is required compared to convective working dryers.

Steam heated..

The product is indirectly heated by saturated steam with temperatures up to 152°C (4 bar g).

Indirect heating..

No direct contact between the heating medium and the product.

Adjustable scrapers..

Self-Adjusting scrapers to ensure the accurate scraping at the disks’ surfaces. Scraper materials can be adapted according to product characteristics.

Compact design.

With the new design all moving parts and hot surfaces are covered and the possible risk of accidents is minimized. The wide openings of the technical chambers and the process chamber are useful for maintenance and service issues.

Automatic cleaning system.

The automatic cleaning of the circulation tank, piping, pump and the disks surfaces is possible e.g. for material/production change.

Customizable versions.

The dryer size (numbers of disks) can be adapted according to customers application and the required capacity. The combination of disk material and disk coating can be chosen due to corrosion and abrasion reasons.

Small footprint.

The special design of the disks allows a big heat exchange surface and a small footprint of the disk assembly at the same time.

In Short

With the new CDry, Allgaier raises the technology of contact drying for liquids suspensions and solutions into a whole new era.

CDry combines the advantages of innovative contact drying system with a minimized footprint and ideal maintenance access, all covered in an impressive compact machine design.

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