Allgaier Mogensen en Exposolidos Virtual 2021

Allgaier Mogensen at Exposólidos Virtual 2021

Allgaier Mogensen is excited to participate in the first international virtual fair of technology for the industrial process, Exposólidos Virtualthat will take place on February 10th and 11th 2021.

The event which will be held virtually gives participants the chance to meet and interact with leading brands as well as new companies in the technology and solids processing sector.

As COVID19 continues to impact the events industry globally, the trend of live in-person events pivoting to take advantage of this new digital landscape is set to continue. Greater audience reach is one of the main opportunities offered by virtual events, as it eliminates the need for travel and can bypass the many COVID19 restrictions currently faced by live events.

The virtual Allgaier Mogensen booth will showcase several high-quality, innovative machines and systems highlighted below:


One of our most innovative products the Gsort - densimetric table offers high performance in density separation, meeting the demanding requirements for separating dry materials efficiently and in a sustainable manner while maintaining purity of all the separated materials

GOSAG Densimetric Tables

Used in several key industries including the chemical, glass and plastic recycling, and wood industries. The GOSAG densimetric table is used for efficient performance in the dry separation of materials with different real densities.


Built for bulk solids in the processing industry, Allgaier sizers screen a wide variety of materials in several industries including biofuels and pellets, chemicals, foodstuffs, and stones and soil.

Delivering optimal screening accuracy for excellent processing results, our range of sizers can be customized for the respective screening requirements. Able to handle sizing capabilities from fine and medium sizes, with high feed rates, to material chunks weighing up to 3 metric tons.

Screening Machines

Known for their robustness and high throughput rates Allgaier Mogensen’s high-quality screening machines are indispensable in the preparation and processing of industrial substances.

Used to process a diverse range of materials in numerous industries our screening machines help to classify, grade, de-dust, and safety screening.

Dryers & Coolers

Allgaier dryers and coolers work with high efficiency in almost all industrial sectors. Based on the fundamental principles of rotating drum dryers as well as fluidized bed technology, these units reflect their value in energy savings and reductions in resource consumption, making them increasingly important during materials processing.

We look forward to building and establishing new professional relationships and strengthening ties with our current contacts in this new and exciting digital format. See you all at Exposólidos Virtual 2021!

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