Allgaier Group equipment is designed for the treatment of a wide range of products for later consumption within this sector such as alginate capsules, flavorings, baby food, baking additives, hard bread, dextrose, drugstore products, egg yolk, meat, fishmeal and flour, corn and soup, gelatin and whole-gelatin capsules, vegetables, instant powder for fruit drinks, cereals, spices, semolina, chicken meat, yeast granules, capsules and suspension, carob flakes, coffee beans, cocoa, potato granules and starch, casein, bone waste, pumpkin seeds, lactose, lecithin, magnesium chloride and sulfate, whole malt, salt marine, milk powder and dairy products, sodium chloride, fruit products, breadcrumbs, pectin, rice, chocolate, sesame seeds, dietary fats, dietary salt, instant granules soup eos, sweets, tobacco, tapioca starch, tea, pasta, dried pastry yeasts, vitamins, tartaric acid, germs, flours and starch from wheat, citric acid, sugar and onions.

For this products' range we can find the following applicable equipment:

Sizers: reliable, silent and low-energy consumption classification by vibration.

Densimetric Tables: market-leading dry separation equipment in by Allgaier Mogensen.

Sandwashing Plants: for a correct food cleansing.

Screeners: for very fine material classification.

Dryers and coolers: mainly fluidized bed.



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