At Allgaier Mogensen we are aware of the importance of the environment, for this reason, we bet on sectors such as biofuel in which we work with alternative products to generate energy such as substitute fuels, flax, fiberglass, garden waste, chips, wood chips wood, charcoal, wood shavings, paper sludge, recycled wood, sawdust, and beet pulp.

Our equipments are prepared to work with this type of materials.

Feeders: its robust construction in carbon steel sheets, as well as the possibility of covering them with interchangeable anti-wear steel plates, stainless steel or special coatings depending on the product.

Sizers: we supply all kinds of accessories for them.

Drying and cooling equipment: drum or fluidized bed dryers.

Screeners: ALLGAIER is the major manufacturer of screeners in Europe and one of the worldwide market leaders.

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