Our equipment manufactured by Allgaier Mogensen and other companies withing the Process Technology division of the Allgaier Group are successfully used worldwide in the production of different metallurgical products such as aluminum, aluminum oxide, aluminum scrap, aluminum shavings , ash, lead concentrate, iron, iron ore (granules), iron oxide, minerals, fly ash, galvanizing mud, blast furnace granules, copper, copper granules, magnetite powder, magnetic powder, manganese, molybdenum , nickel ore, nickel concentrate, aluminum oxide slag, silver crystals, steel granules, steel balls, tantalum, vanadium, tungsten and zinc salt.

Within our range of equipment made of both carbon steel and stainless steel that are being used in the metallurgical sector, you can find:

Densimetric Tables: with dry separation technology of two materials of different real density.

Optoelectronic Sorting: optoelectronic sorting equipment which allows for removing foreign components from mixtures of materials that until now were impossible to sort.



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