Coal & Minerals

The extraction processes of minerals that are carried out in a plant depend on the mineral that you want to obtain, so they may differ from one plant to another. However, in most mineral extraction processes, the size of a solid must be reduced to smaller sizes with the use of crushing and grinding equipment.

Generally, during this stage of the process, size classification operations are required to obtain a material with the appropriate dimensions, as well as for the handling and subsequent processing in the following stages. One of the equipment used to carry out the classification is the screeners.

The use of water for mineral washing is also common, generating sludge that must be concentrated for subsequent treatment. This can be achieved through sludge thickeners or water clarifiers which, in addition to concentrating the sludge, allow for the recovery of water to be reinjected into the production process.

Other equipment that is used in the different processes of extraction and concentration of minerals are the densimetric dry separation tables, with which it is possible to separate two materials similar in size, but with different densities.


Densimetric tables.

Sand washing plants.

Screening machines.


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