In the plastic industry, especially for amorphous and crystalline thermoplastics and their high degree of reuse, eg. packaging, construction, automotive, and medicine, among others, its recovery is practically inevitable both in our daily life (recycling) and in the industrial field, given its strong dependence on cost as a derivative of oil.

Its reuse is usually cut short by the heavy contamination of these materials with other products in type and color, and a joint grinding with other undesired elements which reuse depends on the degree of attainable purity. It is evident that its use depends to a great extent on an appropriate purification process until reaching an acceptable price-quality consistency.

For the processes in this industry, ALLGAIER MOGENSEN manufactures machinery such as optical and X-ray sorting equipment, MOGENSEN sizers, bar sizers, ALLGAIER screeners, densimetric tables, among others, adapted in capacity and size according to the requirements of the plant. Our technical department has an extensive background to provide tailored solutions wherever and whenever needed.

Screening machine.



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