The equipment manufactured by ALLGAIER MOGENSEN and other companies from the Process Technology division of the ALLGAIER Group, are successfully used worldwide in the production of different chemical products such as sulfates, chlorides, phosphates, zeolite, fertilizers, urea, citric acid, explosives, carbides, pesticides, pyrite, resins, ceramic enamels, pigments, etc.

Within our range of equipment made of both carbon steel and stainless steel that are being used in the chemical sector we find:

Feeders: depending on the exact work you want to do, feeders are suitable for installation under hoppers, feeders or extractors of other equipment such as mills, screens, etc.

Mogensen Sizers to carry out reliable and exact separations by particle sizes, obtaining high production performance.

MSort: High precision optical classifiers capable of detecting the slightest differences in color, brightness, transparency or shape, among other optical characteristics of the material to be sorted. Some models come with metal detectors that separate metal elements from the material flow.

ALLGAIER Screeners: for fine and ultra-fine high precision cuts.

Dryers and coolers: Mozer rotary and fluid bed rotary depending on the specific application, custom designed for the exact requirements and the possibility of turnkey supply.

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