WASTE & Recycling

In recycling processes, such as recovery of plastics, recovery and classification of scrap metals, recycling of demolition materials, recovery of sawdust and wood chips, recycling of granulated rubber (from the tire grinding process), glass recycling, optical classification of materials by color and by type of material, among others, ALLGAIER MOGENSEN has and extensive experience.

Within its range of products we find MOGENSEN sizers, bar sizers, divergators, ALLGAIER screeners, optical classification, feeders, densimetric tables and grizzlies; which allows us to offer solutions to processes, in terms of engineering and adaptation, for which we offer a wide range of options, making easier the required capacity handling of each project.

In waste management processes, such as the treatment and refining of organic matter - compost–, urban solid waste treatment - MSW–, green garbage, slag separation of all kinds, among other dry waste treatment processes, ALLGAIER MOGENSEN also has a proven record and background of processes for these applications.


Densimetric tables.

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