Automatización El Futuro de la Minería

Automation: The Future of Mining

Technology is reinventing processes and transforming the mining industry at an unprecedented way and pace. The industry is just beginning to venture into an area that the manufacturing sector has occupied for decades. The incentive is here already, and it's driving us to create the "smart' mine of the future.

Benefits of automation in mining

Automating a mine can simplify all processes and deliver more products at a lower cost, with less waste and less effort. It is usually the underground mines that realize the most significant gains, as they still rely heavily on step-by-step processes. By turning these into a series of automated, sequential tasks, most mining companies can improve their efficiency.

Data and the future of mining

The ability to use technology capable of collecting data underground and analyzing it is a significant breakthrough. In an environment fully equipped with sensors, all variables that affect production are marked and managed precisely in real-time. The information is then routed to a piece of integrated data. No paper, no transfer. The software can amass and condense many records and details, detect trends, and highlight opportunities (process and preventive-predictive maintenance).

How automation increases safety:

Automation is unarguably beneficial for its cost-cutting benefits. While increased efficiency is an important feature, the argument for implementing these systems is only heightened by the safety measures it provides. These include:

· Functional Operations/Process Automation lowers the risk of injury at the operational level by excluding workers from hazardous tasks and procedures

· Emergency Response Automated systems typically counter faster to accidents by implementing real-time monitoring. Circumstances that had previously been perceived as inevitable can be taken care of before they even happen

Automation with Allgaier

At Allgaier, we work with partners and customers to choose the proper automated installations around the world. We are so confident that upgrades will deliver transformative results that we offer our clients performance-based contracts to minimize the risk of implementations. We see a large number of stakeholders using different system integration strategies and project delivery processes. We help them all reduce their capital cost estimates because automation is integrated directly into their existing processes, allowing efforts to be focused on the operating budget.

Allgaier is increasing progresively automation in existing equipments in new projects and retrofits:

· Densimetric table automatic cleaning systems : fan-vibratory and compressed air

· Automatic regulation loops PIDs for densimetric table (feed rate-air flow)

· Densimetric table treatment bottom clogging system detection

· Sizer and vibratory conveyors speciffic vibratory monitoring systems

· Sizer broken mesh detection

· Bag filter broken bag system detection

To know more about how we can help you and view more innovative products and information on our full range of industrial process technology applications click here.

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