Caso de Éxito Cribas SEL y Alimentadores TMS para K+S Punta Lobos Chile


Activity Sector: Mining
Equipment Model: SEL 2066 C3, TMS 1260
Project Location: Chile


K+S is an independent supplier of mineral products for the agricultural, industrial, consumer, and community segments. With over 90 sites on five continents, they are a global leader in the supply of essential goods.

Punta de Lobos, Chile:

K+S is one of the world leaders in salt commercialization for both industrial and home uses. Their facility located in Punta de Lobos; Chile is the bases for this success case study.

Customer Challenge:

The production site in Punta de Lobos which mines salt for the de-icing of road surfaces required the screening of 1600 tons of salt per hour. The screening requirement of salt granules greater than 10mm needed to be recirculated to a mill and required subsequent separation at 0.6mm (dedusting).

ALLGAIER Solution:

ALLGAIER process engineers reviewed the properties and characteristics of the processed materials and opted to install 8 x SEL 2066 C3 sizers with 4x TMS 1260 feeders.

The MOGENSEN sizer was selected thanks to its easy maintenance, compact design, low power consumption and reliable mechanics. The patented operating method is able to ensure high sorting accuracy and reliable performance

The TMS GOSAG distribution feeder, horizontally distributes the incoming flow from the vibrating distribution to multiple outlets (with each outlet flow being individually adjustable). Also ensures the use of the full width of the sizer, improving performance.

K+S Success:

The ALLGAIER team was able to successfully achieve the required screening result with a single sizer structure (instead of the two initial planned structures, with 33 screening machines) incorporated in the original design alongside the existing sizers.  

ALLGAIER Innovation:

The original equipment mentioned above was manufactured using carbon steel and not stainless steel, at the customer’s request. The equipment installed in 2012 has been working satisfactorily until now.

However, due to the humid conditions experienced at night in Punta de Lobos, the carbon steel experienced greater wear than was expected. With the covers and walls of the equipment showing some signs of corrosions.

The ALLGAIER team’s proposed solution was to increase the thickness of the sizers side walls, as well as use a bimetallic solution (due to the weight) on the bottoms and walls of the TMS distributors, thereby being able to guarantee a longer equipment lifespan without significantly increasing the cost of the equipment.

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