As an ALLGAIER MOGENSEN customer, you will not only benefit from the technical benefits of our high-quality innovative equipment and systems, but also from our comprehensive and specialized after-sales service.

Maximum availability of our equipment and their systems are crucial factors in ensuring that your daily operations remain profitable and successful.

Our after-sales service covers the complete life cycle of our equipment and systems and is designed to maximize your profitability and efficiency, while reducing the corresponding total cost of ownership.


We will be at your side during the installation of your new equipment and systems, and also during the start-up phase. In addition, we offer configuration adjustments of your equipment according to the production conditions.


We offer a tailored service solution that meets your specific needs.

We also offer a wide catalog of standard spare parts with high and fast availability.

Our spare parts are original and with the highest quality in the market.

We also offer scheduled inspections, preventative maintenance and fast assistance in cases of emergency.


We have a test plant at our facilities in Getafe, Madrid (Spain), that we offer to our clients for the continuous performance of tests and trials to optimize products and processes.

To optimize the parameters of specific procedures of each case, we use the original materials of each client with which we carry out detailed evaluations and protocols that guarantee the correct design and operation of the equipment and installations, oriented to practice and their subsequent production in large facilities, always adapted to the customer's needs and in the strictest confidence.


When an equipment fails, we will be there to provide you with quick and professional assistance in oder to minimize downtimes.


Always adapted to the latest technologies on the market:

Our modernization maximizes performance, safety, and added value throughout the life cycle of our systems and equipment.


Send us your inquiry and an expert will get in contact with you.