Sistemas de Alimentación de Alto Rendimiento


Allgaier Mogensen supplies a wide range of vibrating machines and individual solutions globally, for the industrial sectors of gravel plants, mining, chemistry, and pet foods, among many others.

Industrial preparation and processing of diverse substances and raw materials require a careful selection of the feeding method and the technology of the equipment to be used. Allgaier Mogensen offers an all-encompassing scope of modern and high-quality feeding machines with a broad number of options.

These can operate within different particle sizes ranging from less than one millimeter, with the ability to screen small, heavy, light, dry and dusty materials, in a clean and reliable way, as well as wet or sticky materials.

Choosing the most suitable machine for specific jobs is also geared towards expanding each plant’s production strength and success.

The following paragraphs are focused on the different feeding equipment, specially designed to carry out the most challenging jobs with the best quality output at the highest performance.

Special Feeders:

RV Feeders

These stainless or carbon steel feeders are designed to feed one or two machines homogenously. They are suitable for both medium and high flow rates focalized in a central inlet flow. With a potent, but low power consumption, these machines are activated by vibrators that can process up to 1.000 t/h of material.

TMS Feeders

The TMS feeders are designed to feed up to three machines homogenously. Also made of stainless or carbon steel, and powered by vibrators, this equipment allows for an asymmetric distribution of material between machines, i.e. one sizer without flow and another one with a 100% load. With a lateral feed, and less elevation, these machines can process up to 350 t/h of material (bulk density 1,6 t/m3).

The principle of operation of those special vibrating feeders combine translational motion with special shapes on the outputs to achieve a uniform distribution across the width of the equipment installed downstream of the feeder, with a very high efficiency, especially in outlets over 1m in width.

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